One more hope is an indigenous non-profit, non-governmental and secular organization that aims at promoting and attaining respect for human rights of the girl child
who are most vulnerable to sexual abuse, and therefore suffer most from the abuse of their rights as they cannot access justice for the actions committed onto them.

The project helps victims that have been sexually abused to find peace, justice and strength to carry on with their lives through counseling services of victims and guardians, providing access to medical care for victims,
sensitization and education of community members with an emphasis to raise awareness on sexual abuse, training workshops and hold informal discussions to involve girls and women in decision making on how to fight sexual abuse


To ensure individuals and families in the poorest communities fight against girl child defilement. 

We seek a nation of hope, justice and child sex free where girls are in schools and making their dreams a reality.

We will be a global and dedicated organization improving the life of every girl child in partnership with different organizations worldwide to provide a protective environment for Every Girl Child.