One more hope understands that girls have a right to education and skill acquisition just like boys and that their education is a very big factor in attaining national development.
In the past, education has not necessarily been a priority for the girl-child because of cultural beliefs, poverty, Ignorance and illiteracy of the parent. It is believed that the place of the girl-child is in her husband’s house. The male child was considered to be superior to the girl-child in many aspects especially education and that is why in most cases; only the male child had access to education.

Unfortunately, many people still hold unto this disparity between the female and the male gender.
Other causes for the negligence of the girl-child education could be attributed to parent’s unwillingness to send the girl-child to school. Some parents feel it is a waste to educate the girl-child because she would one day be married to someone else. Even when they have the means to educate her, they would always refrain from doing so.

We identify the different problems hindering proper girl child education and implement different ways of preventing them so that girls receive proper education because an educated woman has the skills, information and self-confidence that she needs to be a better parent, worker and citizen.